Because Life is Too Short…

…To live outside your Genius!


Have you ever struggled with a particular situation but you knew this was wrong because you were really smart enough to solve it but for some reason you couldn’t access your brilliance?

Did you ever think you might be in the wrong career but you really didn’t know how to find the right one?

Did you know that school only develops a very small part of all human capabilities and if your capabilities aren’t the one’s addressed at school you might not even know what they are?

Have you ever kept yourself extremely busy because you knew deep down you were bored and you didn’t know how to change it? So you just filled your day with more tasks instead of looking for the right one’s that would truly satisfy you?

Have you ever felt your thoughts running in loops without really coming up with anything new that could help address the issue at the roots and resolve it?

Did you know that every human being feels stress if they don’t progress on a constant basis?

Did you know that many people have a lot of genius in them but never experience it because they settle for far too little?

Over the past 20 years we have developed a proven process that helps you find your personal genius – your unique capabilities that allow you to truly shine and do what you are best at every day.

We help you find the right challenge so you can grow and expand continually.

As genius coaches we are committed to you living all you can be by expressing your genius 100%. We hold your hands on the way. We never judge but always remind you of how genius you really are.

Discovering Your Genius

As genius coaches we help our clients discover their true capabilities. During a diligent assessment process our clients explore all aspects of their strengths, talents, intelligence and
wisdom. This process has been created over the past 20 years. We combine assessments developed by well known institutes like Gallup and TTI with our own evaluation tools. Edgar Varese stated:

‘Everyone is born with genius, but most people only keep it a few minutes.’

As genius coaches we are committed to help our clients live their genius every single day.

Challenging Your Genius

Geniuses need to be challenged to thrive. Based on the results of the genius assessment process our clients develop personal and business goals that challenge their genius. Many people have a lot of genius in them but never experience it because they settle for far too little. As genius coaches we are committed to our clients living all who they are by expressing their genius 100%. We hold their hands on the way. We never judge but always remind our clients of how genius they really are.

Overcoming Genius Stopping Places

After decades of living in limiting educational and professional settings, most people have been conditioned to stop before they even get started. Many are more comfortable with busy but boring routines than living their genius all out. As genius coaches we are committed to helping our clients overcome these limiting behaviors and pursue business challenges that truly allow them to express who they are.

Genius Living

Geniuses always progress and develop their genius abilities. They are never satisfied with the norm but always look for better ways and new solutions in their field. Geniuses continually learn more about their genius and find new ways to challenge it. Geniuses are curious and courageous and never stop. They are highly creative, always challenging existing standards while eager to improve them. They thrive on real results and real solutions. They know and leverage their own talents and the talents of others. As genius coaches we are committed to the continuous growth of our clients. Geniuses love what they do because they express all of themselves. They are excited about their work every day because they do what they do best and because they get recognized and rewarded for it.

Join one of our genius coaching programs designed for different goals and different intensity levels

- Genius Master Mind Group Every month meet with geniuses from all over the world who are determined to explore their true capabilities. Get inspired and inspire others and learn from human development experts as guest speakers.

- Group Coaching Experience the intimacy of geniuses discovering their real capabilities together while going through the genius coaching process.

- One-on-One Coaching Get your personal genius coach who solely focuses on you with only one purpose in mind: the discovery and activation of your genius in every aspect of your life and business.

Take the First Step

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