Innovation Culture

Creating a Company Culture for Innovation

Genius performance is the foundation for sustainable innovation. Based on the unique strengths of each team member, it can be introduced and developed at all company levels, just like any other skill. The ROI is obvious: Increased innovation and creativity guarantee the sustainable competitive edge of your company.

Innovation Guarantees Exceptional Sustainable Growth

Innovative Culture

Virtually every CEO agrees that innovation is the most critical asset for sustainable success. The challenge corporations face is learning how to teach highly intelligent and risk-averse leaders a

nd managers to fundamentally change their thinking habits in order to accelerate execution of innovative results. And who can blame these leaders and managers? The entire school system from K12 to Harvard teaches common standards of professional qualifications. It is NOT in their lesson plans to identify or develop unique strengths as the foundation for innovation and genius performance.

A company’s ability to identify and develop unique talents and strengths and inspire innovation culture at all levels guarantees exceptional sustainable growth.

How does a leader focus on cost control and efficiency while creating an Innovation Culture?

Innovation starts inside your skin, with creative ideas or unusual concepts that break all the rules. The greatest profit-making, innovative ideas are frequently dismissed because they contradict existing standards. Genius Coaching helps companies establish a culture that embraces innovation. Over the past 30 years, Genius Coaching has developed a proven process, using cutting edge technology, to identify and maximize unique genius at all level of the organization. Genius Coaching makes innovation culture easy because we help individuals win by doing what they do best on a daily basis. Leaders learn how to become experts in maximizing ‘people power’ for innovation and exceptional profit. They learn how to retain engaged employees who love what they do and are motivated to come to work every day. (Ask Google or Apple for daily business examples.)

From Slow to Fast

The outdated global business paradigm “big against small” has been rapidly replaced by “fast against slow”. Our Genius Coaching process supports this profound shift by assisting leaders to accelerate their company through innovation and develop the unique strengths of each employee as key assets of their organization. The engagement and passion of each team member turns into the fuel for innovation to thrive in this new economy. Executives find new opportunities to lead their organization from great to excellent.

One Step Ahead

Whether the goal is to realize a compelling vision, to create a desirable work environment, or increase profitability of the organization, it will always require 100% of each individual’s brilliance. Genius Coaching inspires executive leaders to recognize, develop and challenge the individual and collaborative genius at all levels of the organization. As true leaders they are the source to empower every employee to assume full accountability for delivering excellence.

Exceptional Profits

Genius performance is fast, creative, innovative, intense, and creates quantum leaps on the human side of business. A clear company vision and leaders guiding their teams accordingly will leverage genius performance to the fullest. Employees on every level are encouraged to overcome their fear of mistakes and unlock the powerful creativity needed to meet substantial challenges and continuously accelerate growth.

Six Steps to an Innovation Culture

Assessing Individual Talents and Strengths

Most people have very little knowledge of their strengths and exceptional talents, much less their genius abilities. Through our proven assessment process, leaders will identify and learn how to maximize each team member’s genius abilities for excellence. Our genius profile is the most comprehensive assessment process available in the market place today.

Putting Team Members in the Right Place

Sounds like ‘Good to Great’? Maybe, but now it is about ‘from great to excellent’: Unique talents and strengths of every team member need to match their individual job responsibilities. Team members are encouraged to perform in their ‘zone of excellence’ so innovation becomes second nature.

Challenging Individual Team Members

Innovation culture embraces the challenge of daily changing market demands. Team members who work in the ‘zone of excellence’ love challenges because they know they can grow from them. They also find satisfaction in the fact that challenge propels their individual growth.

Acknowledging Results

Specific acknowledgement for real accomplishments is the foundation for a confident team. Receiving and giving genuine and authentic acknowledgement is the key to inspire top performance and on-going motivation. This might sound simple (and it is) but certainly it is NOT always easy.

Committing to Accountability

Team members hold themselves accountable to finding their own solutions and to implementing them in a collaborative approach. Self accountability creates quantum results that can easily be measured and acknowledged. Leaders learn how to never judge but require a clear commitment to excellence from their team members. They inspire their teams to consistently hold each other accountable to perform at their best.

Promoting Innovation Culture

Leaders constantly inspire innovation and creativity in their employees by leveraging their unique talents and strengths. They inspire top performance and encourage their team members to be creative beyond existing standards.